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Alive Wellness Retreats in Bali offer you a life changing experience and deliver an outstanding holistic health retreat program offering you full support to reach your goals. Enjoy a personalised team approach to helping you find yourself again. Our luxury health retreat settings are surrounded by nature and peace and help you get back to the real you allowing you the time needed to reflect, restore and revive your spirit.

The alive health retreat experience is unmatched, there is no other program like ours in the world. We offer specific, personalised, life changing health retreat programs that only only revitalise the physical body through detox & cleanse but also revive the spirit through yoga, meditation, spa, adventure and natural therapies that will help you rebuild your entire system. The wellness retreat experience we offer is unique to each individual. You always have the full support of your program manager and facilitator and your life coach will ensure we mentally and emotionally support you and help you reach your goals.

Our health retreat programs are specific and are designed to revolutionise your health, your mind and your spirit. We support you 100% in healing and revitalising YOU.

We offer you an outstanding life changing experience!

We ensure you have the motivational tools to live a rich and meaningful life filled with health, wellness and contentment. Alive is designed to help you excel. Alive is here to ensure you reach your goals. . Alive is here to make sure you live your best life & find your own personalised wellness recipe.

'Alive offers more than just a wellness retreat. alive offers life changing experiences and a personalised approach to complete healthy living.'

We are proud of the range of personalised programs and  are proud of our happy clients and very high success rate. We have a range of services to suit your needs. Contact  our coordinators here & fill out our detailed enquiry form more to get one on one assistance to reach your goals.

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The Bali Retreats 

The Alive Luxury Health Retreat villa is nestled  a stroll back from a secluded beach, surrounded by rice paddies in a beautiful traditional Balinese village central to all that Bali has to offer . Our peaceful retreat will take your breath away.

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Our Programs: 

Relax Me Retreat Program

Relaxation   |   Spa   |   Yoga  & Meditation  | Cleanse | Nature

Relax, revive & restore - The ultimate relaxation, spa and yoga experience with added bonus therapies for helping you create your best possible life.

Allow our team to help you let go of stress, unwind and soak up every moment of the a deep relaxation experience providing you with inner calm and self exploration.

This program offers you a divine experience to get back to you and what matters whilst being balanced with wonderful food, yoga and meditation, adventure and spa.

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Restore Me Retreat Program

Stress   |   Anxiety   |   Depression   |  Burnout  |  Exhaustion

Find Yourself Again - The Ultimate Program For Stress, Exhaustion, Burnout, Depression & Anxiety.

An intensive, holistic proven retreat and treatment program for supporting you through your recovery from stress, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, breakdown, mild addiction, eating issues and more.

This is a fully supported and intensive treatment program offering you the Alive 8 Step Process for reviving your physical, mental, emotional and energetic self.

This recovery program offers you a proven natural treatment process that only helps you heal and recover but completely transforms your life on all levels.

Run Once Per Month - Specific Dates

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Rejuvenate Me Retreat Program

Fitness   |   Weightloss   |   Detox |   Spa   |   Adventure   |   Nature   |   Yoga

Rejuvenate Yourself - An uplifiting holistic health retreat program proven for supporting you with our revolutionary detox for revitalising and re-energising, removing toxins and rebuilding your system, for assisting with weight loss, fitness, detox, illness recovery and recharging your entire system on all levels!

Unlike other detox retreats, Alive goes deeper. Enjoy detox, fitness, yoga, adventure, spa & results!

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Discover Me Retreat Program

Self Discovery & Empowerment | Adventure | Life Coaching | Yoga | Meditation | Spa | Cleanse

Discover Yourself - An inspiring and supportive holistic health retreat program proven for helping you realign with who you are, reconnect with yourself and turn inward with support and guidance from your coach.

Enjoy yoga and meditation, life coaching, spa, time in nature, adventure and culture and a gentle cleanse to help you realign, find balance and get clear on your life direction and what really matters to you.

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Heal Me Retreat Program

Energetic Healing   |   Yoga   |   Meditation   |   Cleanse   |   Spa

Heal Yourself - A deeply calming and self nurturing supportive holistic health retreat program proven for helping you heal yourself, turn inward and find inner calm.

Enjoy guided meditation, yoga, energetic healing, spa, time in nature and a gentle cleanse to help you realign, find inner contentment and peace.

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Relationship Revival Program

Couples Retreats   |   Relationship Retreats   |   Holistic Natural Therapies |   Couples Therapy

Heal your relationship - transform yourself and your relationship over an outstanding week of holistic natural therapies and intensive couples therapy to get back on track.

Work privately with your own team for the same price as a luxury holiday and revamp your relationship!

We help you redefine who you are and how you can dramatically heal your relationship, celebrate each other and create a life together built on respect, trust, love, equality, understanding and compassion.

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